MAAA309, FX4702 Portfolio Pre-Production

The goal of this course is to professionally prepare professional quality work that you can include in your demo reel. If you have a question or concern, please contact me. I generally respond to e-mails within a few hours of receiving them.

Course Week-by-Week Breakdown
Week 1: Intros / Ice Breakers.
Week 2: Syllabus Contract (signed) due.
Week 3: Studio Time
Week 4: First Presentation: Project rubrics. Motion Graphics Rubric.
Week 5: One-on-one checkpoints. Research Paper Due.
Week 6: Studio Time
Week 7: Second Presentation: Project rubrics. Motion Graphics Rubric.
Week 8: Studio Time
Week 9: Studio Time
Week 10: Put finishing touches on Project 3.
Week 11: Final Portfolio Presentation for all class members. Project rubrics. Motion Graphics Rubric.
Kick Butt Resources
Demo Reel Tips from Carlos Baena Demo Reel Do's and Don'ts The Scratch Post (Excellent resources!)
20 Character Design Tips PSDtuts Excellent Designer Portfolio Examples
Character Design (Interviews with Designers) The Illustration and Cartooning Blog Pina Zingaro Portfolio Cases
Stephen Silver (Character Designer) Cedric's Blog-O-Rama! John Krifaluci's Blog (Ren and Stimpy creator)
Step-by-Step Flash Video Encoding Epic Character Description Generator Character Description Generator
Student Process Blogs
Vaneese Smart* Kelly Saucier* Stephanie Rattanachane
Eddie Betancourt Andy Glazar Elizabeth Bacheller*
Lena Kridle Zulaida Lopez Kevin Lam
Sherida Williams Amethyst Blackburn Tony Guagliardo
Bryan Naughton Cameron Wilkerson Zaul Rodriguez*
Juan Davila Keenan Daniels Najja Porter
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