2D Animation (MAAA212)

Below is the weekly breakdown of projects and assignments for this class. The syllabi for this course, and others I teach, can be found on the main page. If you have a question or concern, please contact me.

Each week we will cover important 2D animation principles that will assist you with your final project. In-class assignments will be turned in during class each week and count towards your class participation grade.

I generally respond to e-mails within a few hours of receiving them. NOTE: Students are required to bring their sketchbook, pencils, and a Wacom Cintiq stylus to each class. Autodesk Sketchbook Pro and Adobe Flash are the digital tools we will use in class as well.

Resources that are STRONGLY recommended to successfully grasp the course material:

2D Animation Week-by-Week Breakdown
Week 1: Intros / Ice Breakers. Sketchbook assignments given.
Week 2: Lift a Rock Storyboard Due. Syllabus Contract due.
Week 3: Lift a Rock Timed Keyframes Due.
Week 4: Lift a Rock Animation Due.
Week 5: The ACME Project Storyboard Due. Midterm Sketchbook Check.
Week 6: The ACME Project Timed Keyframes Due.
Week 7: The ACME Project Animation Due.
Week 8: The Diving Board Storyboard Due.
Week 9: The Diving Board Timed Keyframes Due.
Week 10: Studio Time. Sketchbooks Due.
Week 11: The Diving Board Animation Due.
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