Character and Object Design (MAAA202)

Below is the weekly breakdown of projects and assignments for this class. The syllabi for this course, and others I teach can be found on the main page. If you have a question or concern, please contact me. I generally respond to e-mails within a few hours of receiving them. NOTE: Students are required to bring pencils, Copic markers, a Wacom Cintiq stylus, an 11" x 14" sized sketchbook (no rings), to class every week.

Required books: Creative Character Design by Bryan Tillman (students have access to this eBook via eCompanion)

Other Helpful Resources that are STRONGLY recommended to successfully grasp the course material:

Character and Object Design Week-by-Week Breakdown
Week 1: Intros / Ice Breakers.
Week 2: Working with Volumetric Shapes Project. Download the source files (in .zip format). Syllabus Contact due.
Week 3: The Vehicle Turn-around: orthographic pencil renderings Due.
Week 4: Vehicle Turn-arounds: colored and inked renderings Due.
Week 5: Toy Package Design Due.
Week 6: Silhouette Studies and Shape Explorations Due.
Week 7: 5-Point Character Turn-around Model Sheet Due.
Week 8: Action Poses and Expression Sheets Due.
Week 9: Studio Time to revise work as needed. Prepare for Portfolio Review.
Week 10: Portfolio Assessment. Download the NEW rubric in MS Excel format.
Week 11: Finalized Colored and Inked Model Sheets, Construction, Action Poses, and Expression Sheets Due.
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